“You’re interested in this Business of Speaking? Great! Congratulations, and welcome to a multi-billion dollar industry!

Whether you want to:

  • financially supplement your current professional income

  • learn strategies to help you sell yourself more effectively - for everyone is in sales

  • speak part time to augment your income

  • speak full time

Your path to speaking success can start right here.

But you have questions. At this point, you may not even know the right questions to ask! So, let me help you.

I get questions about speaking and how the industry works daily. From “how do I find someone else to book me” to “how do I get paid for giving free speaking engagements to paid speaking?” Also, I am asked, how to get more engagements and how to charge a fee.

Here’s your first list of tasks to complete. They will get you moving in the right direction. Looking forward to helping you “grow” and “go” to the next level. Get started NOW!"

-Dr. Willie Jolley

The professional speaking industry is a collection of professionals, which include experts from a variety of industries and disciplines. They are educators, humorists, authors, administrative personnel, mothers, media personalities, entertainers, sports figures, etc.

The professional speaking business operates on several tracks: the celebrity track - immediately getting huge fees; and the regular professional track - those who “build their clientele” by learning how to market, provide excellent service and outstanding content.

But there’s an emerging third track – the hybrid speaker - a celebrity with content!

But, that second track, the regular professional, is the one most travelled, and can provide a lucrative career if you are willing to work hard at it.

The professional speaking industry is challenging to learn. Speaking is Art, Business and Science! It may appear easy, for the successful ones have mastered all three areas. Yet, thousands of hours of preparation go into the end result you see!

No one strategy works for everyone. There are many elements to building a sustainable speaking business. From…

  • clarifying your core message (what problem you solve)

  • identifying your primary audience

  • branding yourself (what makes you different)

  • developing your marketing approach

  • funding your operation

Here are a few Speaking Success Tips to get you focused and started:

Join a Toastmasters Club.

It will give you the basics of crafting a speech and presenting in front of friendly audiences, who want you to succeed!

Purchase Dottie Walters’ book, Speak and Grow Rich.

This provides detail on the process of the speaking business.

Attend a Monthly Chapter Meeting of the National Speakers’ Association (NSA).

Toastmasters tells you how to speak. NSA teaches you how to make money at it! Visit www.nsaspeaker.org to find your local chapter.

Speak as often as you can…for free! That’s the only way to build your speaking craft…so that eventually you’ll get paid.

Ready for more?

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Speaking Basics

basics The Speaking Basics Program

Once you’ve mastered the list above and still are interested in speaking, I recommend my Speaking Basics Program.

This is the audio of a full day seminar on the fundamentals of speaking - recorded live in Washington, DC. Listen to it over, and over and over again until you capture all the key concepts.

This digital audio is divided into three (3) sections. The program also includes a bonus Back Office Speaker Guide e-book. The e-book focuses on the operations, administration and finances of the speaking business.

With The Speaking Basics Program, you will learn how to:

  • Start your speaking business

  • Go from free to fee paid speaking

  • Set fees and how to gain access to networking circles

  • Avoid the common pitfalls of starting in speaking industry

Purchase Now and download almost three hours of valuable content.

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For only $97.00 you get to learn the basics of this business and grow at your own pace. Purchase this program on CDs for an additional $99.00. 


The information covered in the digital downloads as well the three (3) CDs cover the following:


Part 1

  • So You Want To Be A Speaker?
  • How Do You Become A Speaker?
  • Cultivating and Clarifying a Message
  • Marketing and Motivating Buyers
  • Developing Content with Confidence


Part 2

  • Developing Content with Confidence
  • Power of the Head Heart Connection
  • Developing and Sharing Expertise
  • Facts Tell But Stories Sell
  • Marketing Marketing Marketing
  • Promotion Positioning and Pricing
  • Selling your Speeches and Products

Part 3

  • Publishing and Promoting Your Book
  • Getting Paid: How To Go From Free to Fee
  • Questions and Answers (Pt. 1)
  • Questions and Answers (Pt. 2)
  • Additional Offers and Added Value
  • Closing Remarks


Rave Reviews

dmcneill I credit Willie Jolley with much of the mindset I have used that has generated the six-figure success that I am blessed to enjoy in the speaking industry.
-Delatorro McNeal II, CSP, Peak Performance Expert, Bestselling Author, Certified Speaking Professional

Chris GlossJust finished listening to your “How to Speak for Profit with Power Seminar” and I flat out loved it! Your information was 100% on target and business changing. You provided so many tips, tools and techniques to grow my speaking business. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing information most would never give other speakers. Making the decision to download your seminar was one of the best decisions I made. Thank you for making an impact in my life personally and professionally.
-Chris Gloss, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Trainer, Radio & TV Personality



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And Still Want More?!!!

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gold starI RECOMMEND - Dr. Willie Jolley's Prep 4 Speaking Program


Build A Profitable Speaking Business…Step…by Step…by Step…by Step! 

Are You:

  • Full time in another career, but want to add speaking as a revenue stream?
  • Speaking but need strategies and systems to grow your business?
  • Frustrated with speaking and need a support system that works?

No Single Book, Program, Seminar or Workshop can tell you everything you need to know to build a speaking business!  

we guarantee, we’ll shorten your learning curve and help you make you more money, if you join our MONTHLY Prep 4 Speaking Program. Of course, you must do your part! Listen to the seminars. Read the materials. Act on the information!

We provide best practices, practical tips and strategies you can implement immediately. We introduce you to up to the minute information from our colleagues in the professional speaking world!

Enroll for only $27 monthly and you get:

  • Live Monthly Group 60-minute Teleseminar
  • Audio recordings from sessions with emailed summary notes. Never miss a session!                   
  • Access all previous sessions with the notes, when you enroll!

Get access to interviews like


DelatorroMcNeal circle goldHow To Market Your Business So You Can Speak More - by Delatorro McNeal

LoisCreamer goldcircleHow to Identify the Decision Makers and What Qualifying Questions to Ask so You Can Book More Business - by Lois Creamer

jan fox gold circle7 Strategies to Getting on Television - by Jan Fox (4-time Emmy Award Winning Anchor…and MORE!


basics Dr. Willie Jolley's Speaking Basics Digital Audio Program

When you join our Prep 4 Speaking Series, you’ll receive my Speaking Basics Digital Audio Program! This program has a $97 value. This 3-part digital audio program also includes a bonus Back Office Speaker Management Guide e-book.

Enroll today!

Access to this type of information can cost thousands of dollars. But we’re offering it, in an easy to learn form at a ridiculously low price. 


I don’t have enough bandwidth to answer all the speaking questions that come my way.

But I can direct you to what I know is very useful information that will help you build your business - if you implement the tools and strategies presented.

Remember, no single book, program, seminar or workshop can tell you everything you need to know. But your learning can start right here! Get your strong foundation built on “how to do it.”

Get intimate with the speaking business and learn best practices, tips and strategies you can use now.

The average cost for this kind of series can be pricey. Especially with the summary notes and complete assess to past content. But I want you to participant!

Join for just $27 a month Or a One time payment of $277 ($324.00 value) for twelve months.

There’s no better value around. Join me and get access to people and strategies that are working successfully in this speaking industry.


*Payment Plan Price: $27/mo. for one year

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One time payment: $277 ($324.00 value)

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*If you're not happy with our program, cancel at any time after the 4th month.

start your free trial today




Ready for more advanced, in-depth information?

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fire clip art red yellow fire logo optIgnite Your Speaking

TIPS-1 loresDr. Willie Jolley's T.I.P.S. for Speaking Success Package

My T.I.P.S. (Tips, Ideas, Principles & Strategies) for Speaking Success Package is for you!

You receive:

  • 1 DVD
  • 5 CDs
  • 1 Back Office Guide Blueprint


When you view the DVD, study the strategies I used to deliver a Memorable, Magical and Motivational keynote. This speech proved to be one of the most popular presentations ever delivered at an International Toastmasters’ Convention! 


  • Learn marketing practices to propel you into the spotlight.

  • Learn why telling stories is crucial to your speaking success.

  • Develop your stage presence.

  • Manage your business for growth.

  • Get Back Office “how to” strategies for long-term success.

Guide - Back Office Guide Blueprint

This guide has operational, administration and finance ideas.  It includes checklists, agreement and questionnaire!

Own this powerful, practical and informative training program for only $397. Listen to the materials as often as you want. Use the lists and systems to get organized. 

This program will help you become a much more effective presenter, grow your speaking business and get a better organized business!

Get Your T.I.P.S. for Speaking Success Package Right NOW.

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gold star I RECOMMEND - The 2017 Jolley Rich Speaking Boot Camp

2017 BC web

Get exclusive, up close and personal access to my team and me for 2 1/2 days! Get the answers to your questions about building a successful professional speaking business in this exclusive small group setting.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify 3 different  approaches to creating wealth for your speaking business.
  • Construct your action plan for developing those 3 income streams.
  • Tailor a 90-day marketing plan to achieve your immediate goals.
  • Practice selling strategies to generate the dollars.


  • Command center stage
  • Tease with your content
  • Leave your audience begging for more
  • Target next steps

Come learn, practice, and rub elbows with a select few other motivated professionals who are ready to dig in to the business of this art form!

This event is being held in Washington, DC on April 21-23, 2017.

Investment: $3995.00

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Advanced Level Speaking

gold starI RECOMMEND -
Master Class

mentoringDr. Willie Jolley's Personalized Mentoring Program

The greatest athletes, performers and leaders have mentors and coaches. Tiger Woods has a coach. Michael Phelps has a coach. Even Bill Gates as trusted advisors. In fact, you can easily make the argument that the higher the level of success you want to attain, the more you seek wise counsel - for the stakes are higher!

If you’ve followed my work for a while - radio, television, full time professional speaking to corporations, associations and the religious arenas for over twenty-five years – you know I’ve earned my success in this business. There was no overnight success.

Before you can teach you must know. Before you can lead you must go. And I have the battle scars to show for it!

Now I’m on the National Get Motivated Tour – scheduled to speak in over 40 cities this year, plus my corporate dates and my own ticketed events and JolleyU (University) public seminars.

My success has encouraged countless others to pursue me to ask for time: one-time advice, lunch meetings, mentoring, coaching, etc. Every day someone wants to talk to me about THEM… their future, their dreams, their goals!

And I want to talk to them too! But, due to time constraints, it’s just not possible!

The Solution

So now, there has to be a much more structured approach to get to me.

This has not always been case. I've worked with this year’s Million Dollar Roundtable speaker, Delatorro McNeal, coach and consultant, Bruce Johnson (a former pastor), Cheryl Wood (Play Time is Over) and so many others.

I must determine whether you are serious, committed and willing to do the work. This is work for you, for me  and my team! It requires a substantial investment of money, time and creative energy.

Personalized Mentoring gives you a chance to get the most help and guidance from me individually.

I am offering you six or twelve Personal Consultations.

Think of these as “electronic Hot Seats.” You’ll get my private email address for you to submit materials such as clarifying of your vision, goals and direction; refining your signature story; reviewing sales or brochure copy; or just my critical analysis and feedback on issues important to you.

Just imagine the powerful information and life-changing ideas you can learn from me and my network! If you don’t get at least one idea on every one-hour call that will grow you and push you toward your goals - you’re just not paying attention!

However, I must warn you…

Participation in this Personalized Mentoring program is severely limited; and it is certainly not for everyone.

I have sole discretion to limit participation. Obviously, I must be quite selective. I have very limited time and must be careful who is associated with my brand. I want focused, hardworking achievers!

You are a great fit if:

  • You want to expand your vision, prosperity and consciousness

  • You need to hear the truth about your current state and what to do to get moving forward

  • You know that iron sharpens iron and believe in investing in yourself; and,

  • You want me as your accountability partner, to provoke, challenge and inspire you!


After a review of your application, I’ll schedule a telephone interview with you, if I think we should move forward.

If I believe I can bring value to you and that you’re serious, we will start the relationship - you’re in!

The Investment?

The investment is only $9,500.00 for the year, that’s an average of only $791.66 a month; or $5,000 for 6 months which averages out to $833.33 a month.
If you’re focused on raising your level of thinking and growing your business exponentially and think you’re the right fit, this is where you need to be.

The Guarantee…

There is none. What you get out of this program is entirely up to you. You are 100% responsible for your own success. I will advise you, inspire you, connect you — but you have to do the work!

Want to get started?


click here apply now





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