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Why “The Year To Millionaire Program?”

The “Year to Millionaire Program” is designed to “put your feet on the right road” to achieving your financial dreams and goals. You will acquire the thinking, principles, strategies and sacrifices needed to secure your future.

Willie and Dee MCJWalkerAgainst the Odds

My wife Dee and I sat inside the Madame Walker Theatre Center in Indianapolis, Indiana recently. We viewed a DVD history of Madame C.J. Walker’s life, and I was struck by her “against all odds” attitude. What made her so determined to rise above her circumstances and succeed?

Think and Grow Rich

The answer was how she thought! Madame C.J. Walker was obsessed with finding a cure for her hair loss. There were no products on the market that solved her problem, so she created a solution!



solutionsBe Obsessed!

Are you obsessed with solving a problem? Is there something you either really love or really hate? What drives you? What is on your mind all the time? Find that one thing that drives you and focus your energies there!

Warren Buffettwarren buffett

While it seems not to make sense to think about becoming a millionaire when the economy is in the dumps, this recession can actually be the ideal time for creating a successful company and working to build your wealth! Warren Buffet said, “Now is the Best Time to Build Wealth!”


Join the Year To Millionaire and each month you will receive:

  • 24-hour online access to Willie ‘s Daily One-Minute Motivational Messages
  • 24-hour online access to Willie’s insightful Sirius XM Radio interviews from some of the country’s best and brightest thought leaders like Stedman Graham, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Harvey McKay, Larry Winget and more!
  • MP3s of the current month’s interview or webinar. So you don’t have to be present on the call to learn. Get the info when you want it!
  • An emailed written summary of the current month’s teleseminar or webinar. You can listen to your material and highlight key points on your handouts! Review that info over and over again.


Join the Year To Millionaire Program today for only $397.



Teleseminar Testimonials

"I just had to tell you about my experience with your School for Startups teleseminar yesterday. My niece, who is a TV producer in New Jersey and I, both listened to it live and were blown away by the ideas that have come pouring out between us since the teleseminar. We've been on the phone brainstorming both last night and this morning already. She and I have worked together on projects in the past, mostly production things, but have toyed with some other business ideas as well; and coincidentally, had recently been tossing some new thoughts around. That's why we decided to participate in the teleseminar.

The advice was good, but even more inspiring was your enthusiasm and motivating spirit. I was also struck by your ability to summarize and synthesize so well what the author had discussed. That's a skill and an art.

Willie, I've known you for a long time and have always appreciated your work from a professional standpoint, but this is the first time I've actually been the direct recipient of your advice. Brother, you are good!!

Thank you so much for doing this. It was motivational, inspirational and educational. I just wanted to express our gratitude and let you know that you have gotten at least two of us fired up!" -K. Vance

"GREAT Show tonight with some expert advice." -K. LeBlanc

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